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Dental Floss can extend your life for 5 years!

Fact about dental floss, how does it help to keep your life Longer!?

Every 6-12 months, you visit the dentist for a cleaning -- and likely a lecture about the importance of flossing. But if you're like many dental patients, the advice travels in one ear and out the other -- much like, well, dental floss gliding between the spaces of your teeth.

"There is no instant gratification with flossing -- that's the problem," says Alla Wheeler, RDH, MPA, associate professor of the Dental Hygiene Program at the New York University School of Dentistry. "Patients don't think it does anything."

But flossing does about 40% of the work required to remove food residues, sticky bacteria, or plaque, from your teeth. Plaque generates acid, which can cause cavities, irritate the gums, and lead to gum disease. "Each tooth has five surfaces. If you don't floss, you are leaving at least two of the surfaces unclean," Wheeler explains. "Floss is the only thing that can really get into that space between the teeth and remove bacteria."

Daily Flossing Can Add 6.4 Years To Your Life

As the Baby Boom generation ages there is more and more concern about the cost of care for the future aged... and, in fact, aging in general. For a generation that swore they would never want to live to be more than 30 this generation is approaching and passing 50 all the while hoping for many more years. Thirty is a distant memory.

Partly to satisfy this concern for such a large part of our citizenry, there are a slew of books, seminars, and tapes about how to stay healthier and live longer. One of the most recent and most interesting is a book by Michael F. Roizen, MD. Dr. Roizen's book is called "RealAge", and the general concept is to calculate how old a person is actually (compared to averages and actuarial tables) based to a great degree upon choices he/she makes about lifestyle, eating, exercise, etc.

In particular, there is a section on dental health, and I quote, "These studies show that the presence of periodontal diseases, diseases most common in people with tooth loss, actually affects longevity. The best of these studies done at Emory University with the Centers for Disease Control, indicated that people with gingivitis and periodontitis have a mortality rate that is 23 percent to 46 percent higher than those who don't... why? They are linked to increased rates of cardiovascular disease and stroke, as well as to an increase in mortality from other causes, such as infections.

On flossing, the book states that, "Flossing your teeth daily can make your arteries younger. The probable reason: Flossing helps keep your immune system young... the same bacteria that cause periodontal disease also trigger an immune response, inflammation, that causes the arteries to swell. The swelling of the arterial walls results in a constriction of blood flow that can lead to a higher incidence of cardiovascular disease. Other studies have shown that periodontal disease leads to a higher white blood cell count, which is an indicator that the immune system is under increased stress.... Poor oral hygiene and particularly increased tooth loss are important indicators of your risk. The fewer teeth you have, the greater your risk of gum infections."

Incidentally, according to Dr. Roizen, men who have regular sex in a happy monogamous heterosexual relationship and who eat lots (not overeating) of pizza, marinara sauce, and spaghetti can add an additional 5 years to their lives... just floss after eating, and don't smoke after sex.

Other Experts

Longevity expert Dr Roger Henderson says, 'Flossing every day means not only could you still have a full set of teeth as a centenarian, but your dental hygiene may have helped you to get to such an age.'

I have blogged an article about 10 years ago saying that stop Smoking keep your younger, use dental floss 7 times a week make your life longer for 5 years.

Don’t challenge me for how to get those data, as there is difficulties to calculate by not doing flossing..

Well, there is over 1,000 types of bacteria in your mouth and Flossing will remove some of them and preventing them to go into your blood stream. Why not start to use dental floss.

Well, I carry a case of dental floss with me, I think Dental floss works better in cleaning the gap between teeth where by those food restudies locked up there. Use of too pick will have high chance to damages you gum, Dental floss will not.

I am 60 years ago and I have been using dental floss more than 30 years, I have not lost any one of my teeth…

And I have some tips for you. 

I have found a new Thai Silk dental floss which is BEST amongst all those I have been using Reach, Colgate, Johnson & Johnson, Oral B, Reach, Listerine, Glide…etc.

This is best as it is tough, thick enough to remove the things between my teeth and thin SMOOTH enough to slip into… I give this 100% perfect floss….

It also helps the farmers n Thailand to make their living better. 


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